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NSD Introduces the Wind-Defying SandScrew Umbrella Stand
Simple and effective design keeps umbrellas from cartwheeling
down the beach, and is great for many other uses
STANTON, Calif., March 10, 2000 – National Sign Display, Inc. (NSD) today announced that it has developed a unique, easy-to-use umbrella stand that makes life easier for anyone wishing to keep an umbrella or other outdoor pole from blowing over. Tested in winds stronger than 35 miles per hour, the SandScrew firmly secures poles of nearly any kind, up to 1 3/8" in diameter – effortlessly upholding umbrellas, flagpoles, volleyball nets, tetherballs and fishing poles, to name a few. The superstrong, lightweight SandScrew is made of high-quality steel, powder-coated epoxy, and glass-reinforced nylon, enabling nearly anyone to quickly and securely anchor a pole in a wide variety of ground surfaces.

Specially designed for use in sand, but also suitable for grass and dirt, the 18-inch-long, 1-pound SandScrew burrows itself deeply with a simple twisting motion. No tools are required. "The SandScrew’s unique, patent-pending design works like a wood screw," said Graham Kjestrup, NSD President. "The sharp point bites into the ground, while the custom-molded, cutting-edge screw forces sand and soil out of the way." The SandScrew’s simple and effective design allows nearly anyone to safely and effortlessly anchor an umbrella or other pole, virtually anywhere. "The SandScrew practically pulls itself in, with minimal effort from the user," Kjestrup added.

The SandScrew will be available at retailers nationwide, or directly from NSD at, for only $19.95.

National Sign Display, Inc. (NSD) is a leading manufacturer of flagpoles, signposts and signframes for a wide variety of uses. With headquarters in Stanton, Calif., NSD has been manufacturing the strongest, most reliable and innovative display products in the industry since 1986. For more information, visit

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"Can't get your umbrella to stay put on windy days? The SandScrew ($19.95, 800-888-3228)
is a spiral-shaped device that anchors the pole in the sand. It held ours even in high winds."
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